Friday, 14 October 2016

Heather Sent

So, Mid October and after what feels like a long and lovely summer, Im finally ready to surrender to the beauty of Autumn.

A couple of weeks ago the sun was out so I scrapped the usual dog walk and we hopped in the car to walk in one of my favourite spots instead. I'm lucky enough to live just a twenty minute drive from the edge of some of the most stunning scenery in this country - the North York Moors. It never fails to deliver, whatever the weather, but on a crisp blue-sky day the colours just sing as you can see from the pics I took below!
Heather in so many shades of purple, sandstone paths & freshly felled trees provide the inspiration for todays mood board - Heather Sent..... 

Sources (clockwise from top left)
Brinjal, Hay & Charleston Gray from Farrow & Ball
Grandy Chair from Fern & Grey
Midas Gold Geometric Side Table from Rockett St George
Isla Rug from John Lewis
Large Rib LED Hurricane Lamp from Matalan
Industrial Metal Pendant from Nordic House
Oscar Sideboard from Atkin and Thyme
Oscar Chaise Sofa (Two Oscars by pure coincidence!) in Grape Clever Velvet from Loaf

If you have any queries, suggestions, or just fancy communicating, as always, please free to leave a comment or drop me a line directly & I promise to get back to you!

Friday, 23 September 2016

Sea Shanties

Yep - thats a trio of beautiful beaches you see below (All British beaches too Ill have you know!) And yes, I am aware it is late September now, but bear with me for this blog post!

Despite the fabulous weather we've had recently, everywhere I turn there's people willingly giving up on Summer. Practically pushing it out the door, shoving it out of the way to make room for chestnuts, woolly sweaters and pumpkins! There are Facebook memes all over my news feed about falling leaves and winter boots! And, most upsetting of all- there's actual Christmas stuff in my local Tesco already - whats that all about?!

We had a wonderful extended family holiday this year that saw us bouncing around the French & Cornish coastlines. Friends, BBQs, sunshine, balmy sunsets, surfing, rockpooling, icecreams, fresh air, salty skin and of course sand in absolutely everything.....haha! It was perfect, so I am more than prepared to drain the very last dregs of it while I can - I'm not ready to let my flip flop tan fade under thick socks just yet!

So, inspired by Summer 2016, heres todays mood board....

Sources & Links (clockwise from top left)
Originals Nest of Tables by Ercol    
Brass Box Candle Holder from The Decorators Notebook
Blue Moon Light by the Light Shack
Prussian Rug from Bluebellgray
Weathered Wood Frames from West Elm
Hand scraped oak flooring
Vintage Pepsi Boxes from Loop The Loop
Vintage Yellow Basket from Winters Moon
Momo Sofa from Habitat

Monday, 6 June 2016

The Beauty of Botany

Whoa! - I knew the last few weeks have been busy but I didnt realise it had been over a month since I last posted! That's not to say I haven't been planning though - I have a few boards bubbling away in the pipeline!
The idea for today's board came through some research I've been doing recently that featured this amazing Martinique Banana Leaf wallpaper. 


Who doesn't recognise it?! It was created by decorator Don Loper in 1942 for the Beverly Hills Hotel and has since acquired iconic status in the design world thereafter.
Its lush, its juicy - it speaks of balmy nights and endlessly blue sky days. It truly is a fabulous design, no question, but possibly not the easiest to directly transfer into your home.

However, the 'Botanical' trend has been on the scene for a for while now with no sign of abating so the shops are awash with plenty of ways to inject a bit of beautiful botany into your life.........
Heres a handpicked sample of some of my favourites! 

Sources & Links (clockwise from top left)
Urban Grow Gold Diamond Terrarium from Urban Outfitters 
Honolulu Palm Wallpaper from Graham & Brown 
Tapered Recycled Vase from Cox & Cox 
Kasai Salad Bowl from Urbanara 
Aprile Duvet from Anthropologie 
Islay Dry Gin from The Botanist 
Mini Drop Vases from Rowen & Wren 
Alium Ceiling Pendant from John Lewis

Sunday, 24 April 2016

Hippy Chic

Do you use Pinterest? Its an amazing tool for us creative (forgetful) sorts in particular - not just as a place to keep things we spot but its full of inspiration, admiration & revelations galore!
Its so addictive Ive had to restrict the amount of time I allow myself on it, otherwise I could be there all day! It was when I checked in to Pinterest this week that I noticed that the whole of my feed had a definite boho vibe going on! As Pinterest shows you stuff based on boards that you follow or things you've already pinned - its quite evident that the anticipation of summer holidays and imminent festival season is definitely on my mind at the moment!

These interior shots were just 3 of many I could have chosen but I think they each embrace that laid back, eclectic style really well. 

While the beauty of this look is that almost anything goes, if you dissect the images you can see they each have similarities and a few notable key points. The room composition is naturally informal; theres plenty of interest created through differing heights - hanging chairs & planters for example and general layering is key. Leathers and fibres are natural colours; fabrics are either natural (sheepskin) or have a handmade quality - think embroidery/macramé etc; an obligatory pouffe of course and plenty of lush air cleaning greenery.

Todays board contains a selection of pieces that will work independently within your existing interior or all together as a whole Hippy Chic look......

Sources & Links (clockwise from bottom left)
Moroccan Tan Leather Pouffe from Cuckooland
Hurricane Diamond Vase from White Mint
Celia Small Woodblock from Monsoon
Hanging Swing Chair from Rockett St George
Floral Print from Howkapow
End Grain Coffee Table from West Elm
Sheepskin Throw from The Organic Sheep
Fiesta Embroidered Cushion from Bombay Duck

If you have any queries, sugestions or just fancy communicating, as always, please feel free to leave any comments below, or drop me a line directly in the box to the right & I promise to get back to you!

Sunday, 17 April 2016

Bloody Marbleous!

Marble was one of last years predicted trends but it seems to have been a slow burner that's only just coming into its own again right about now.

Marble has been coveted as a precious material for many thousands of years - the Taj Mahal, Michaelangelo's 'David' and our own Marble Arch are just a few recognisable historical marble masterpieces.

Marble is synonymous with affluence and high living. Installing marble floors or worktops in your home or business would never be inexpensive, however it is absolutely a worthwhile investment. There are few materials that can offer elegance, texture, durability and pattern all in one package but marble is definitely top of that list!

If youre liking the marble thing, but not sure how to incorporate it into your home, remember you dont have to go down the obvious route of kitchen or bathroom hard surfaces. Theres an ocean of smaller furnishings, fittings (you can even get marble radiators!) and marble inspired accessories available at the moment, that illustrate the beautiful versatility of this fabulous stone.

I've mined the internet and brought together a selection for you for todays inspiration board and if I do say so myself - its Bloody Marbleous!

Sources (clockwise from top left)
Marble Print Duvet Set from Ted Baker
Marble Base Desk Lamp from Cinnamon Bay Interiors
Marble and Copper Pouch from Renna Deluxe
Hello You Postcard from Paperchase
Marbled Pillar Candles from Nordic House
Mohair Throw from Heals
Marble Sphere Votive from French Connection
Marble Look Plates from Rose & Grey

As always please leave a comment below or feel free to contact me directly with any comments, questions or requests - love to hear from you! 

Sunday, 10 April 2016

Club Tropicana

Theres a definite hint of pineapple throughout the world of interiors at the moment, have you noticed? 

John Lewis have these stylish, on trend, metallic pineapple pots, Barneby Gates have this brilliant Pineapple wallpaper - the pink is lively and fun but they also do a dark colourway  that would look amazing in an eclectically dressed dining room. Then we have Graham & Green stocking this fabuous Golden Pineapple table and just about every other store you look at has a pineapple stashed on a shelf or two somewhere this season!

So todays inspiration board is pushing the pineapples and welcoming in a bit of tropical sunshine.... say hello to Club Tropicana! 

Bright colours & punchy patterns can be intimidating - but if you keep the base clean and crisp, like this white sideboard with colonial style doors, then you can throw colours around and have loads of fun!

Sources (Clockwise from top left)
Pina Lampshade by Rosa & Clara Designs
Toucan Print from Lila + Lola
Cactus Vase from Howkapow
Flamingo Tealight Holder from Home by Matthew Williamson Designer
Tropical Pineapple Garland by Postbox Party
Barbade Sideboard from Maisons Du Monde
Flamingo Hooks from Rigby & Mac
Dekale Side Table from Maisons Du Monde

As always, please leave any comments below. Feedback, questions, requests - everything always welcome!

And finally, if you've have had a certain tune in your head the entire time you've been reading this and actually landed here hoping for some 80's hotties - this one is for you..... Haha! 
You're welcome! Xx

Saturday, 2 April 2016


So, avocado and peach suites are out, right?
Totally agree! And there's nothing sharper or more fail-safe than than an all white combo. There are an abundance of differing styles available that work every time, each becoming timeless classics that will fit into any scheme without issue.

However, there are other options!

I've designed this bathroom with two things in mind - the recent leaning towards greenery & botanics PLUS the ongoing trend for taking personal time-out for self care.

I've moved right away from the slick, clinical polished white that we ordinarily refer to when we talk bathrooms. I spotted this bath (that beautiful black, layered structure in the centre is a stone composite bath, you can actually bathe in it!) and it was just perfect for this latest scheme - Unwind.

There's no better antidote to stress than to get back in touch with nature and so I've created the bathroom from an amalgamation of natural textures and materials to stimulate the physical senses and soothe the soul.

Warm timber flooring and smooth pebbles underfoot; slate walls; dark stone basin & bath and plenty of lush greenery (its everywhere at the moment!) If your'e green fingered go for the real deal, if not there are some amazing faux plants available these days, like this fabulous bamboo screen from RSG - so go ahead and just fake it! Ive kept the colour scheme deliberately dark so it encourages the brain to slow down and the body to relax at any time of the day.

At the very least, every bathing experience should gently address each of the senses -

  • Steamy hot water - Touch ☑
  • Soft, low lighting options - Sight ☑
  • Music - Sound ☑
  • Something that smells divine, like one of these amazing, customised bath soaks from The Bathory - Smell ☑
  • And a last but not least a glass of whatever takes your fancy, purely to tick the box of course! - Taste ☑

What's your favourite way to unwind? Any questions/ comments/ suggestions/ chit chat - please feel free to leave them in the comments below or contact me direct. Cant wait to hear from you!

Sources (clockwise from top left)
Copper & Black Candlestick from Hutsly
Slate Wall Mosaic tiles available from most tile suppliers
Copper bathroom fittings from
Teak timber flooring available from most flooring suppliers
Customised Bath Soaks from The Bathory
Faux Standing Bamboo Screen from Rockett St George
River Pebble floor tiles available from most tile suppliers
Harmony Round Bath from Apaiser

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

A Design For Life

As a Designer, sometimes inspiration just strikes and you cant help but run with it - todays board materialised from one of those moments!
I accidentally stumbled across the image of the beautiful sideboard I've featured whilst looking for something totally different. I pinned it instantly - knowing full well it was exactly the right partner for the equally epic West Elm sofa Id already earmarked a couple of weeks ago. With two strong pieces decided, the rest of the design just fell into place.
I'm aware that quite often anything related to 'interior design' tends to err towards the female of the species but, from both personal and professional experience, I know that blokes do have an opinion on it and the ones that go down that professional route are generally red hot at it! So here's one with the guys in mind,  A Design For Life.
Design for Life
I've used a few industrial touches to balance out the slick lines of the furniture. The saw-burnt reclaimed timber flooring, the distressed leather of the punch bag and the rough surface of the concrete planter give balance to the overall effect.
Often we think a look is determined via a 'colour scheme' but in this instance the design is held together through the repetitive use of 3 main materials - timber, leather and concrete.
Choose some statement art work that reflects your own taste and yes, despite being the nemesis of many a man, I actually went and added cushions.
They are Star Wars graphics though so I think I might just get away with it!
Sources & links (clockwise from top left)
Concrete & Brass Lamp from Graham & Green
Double Trouble Canvas by Bitten London
Round Hanging Mirror from John Lewis
ES Sideboard by AFID Design
Brooklyn Leather Sofa from West Elm
Jake Tripod Table from Johnny Moustache
Concrete Planter from Whosit & Whatsit
Reclaimed Oak Flooring from Trunk Reclaimed
Timothy Oulton Punch Bag from Barker & Stonehouse
Star Wars Cushions from Whosit & Whatsit
Drop me a line or leave me a comment and let me know what you think!

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Spring Dining

Mid March & finally the weather seems to be on the turn!
I live in the North East of England - not too far from the coast - so when the wintery wind gusts off the cold North Sea it has such a bite to it, but this weekend that edge was definitely missing and the sun was trying so hard to warm things up.

It got me thinking of fresh, clean & beautiful but low key interiors and I unearthed a whole pile of amazing pieces that I narrowed down to this one board dedicated to Spring Dining.

Its important to light your dining table well - and while a large statement fitting can be ideal in some circumstances, sometimes you can achieve an equally perfect effect by hanging several smaller pendants (I always choose an odd number) over a table. I was really taken with these wooden pendants - there's a few different shapes and combos available I chose these as they mirror the white legs/ timber top of the dining table perfectly though.

Chairs, I dont mind mixing it up with chairs - the Ercol bench is always going to be fab, but Im itching to try out these crisp John Vogel chairs!

Mouth blown glass and hand thrown teacups; embroidered runners & textured fish scale ceramics - by focusing on various natural materials and incorporating organic textures and patterns we can invite the outside in, even when its still a tad too chilly for proper al fresco meals.
Ive kept it simple, using a neutral colour palette but freshened it up with accent spots of natural greens and blues.

Are you feeling that spring in your step yet?!

Sources & Links (clockwise from top left)

Sinatra Dinnerware from Habitat
Reykjavik White & Wood Pendant from Horsefall & Wright
Carla Teapot from The Scandinavian Design Centre
John Vogel Chair from West Elm
Scales Vase from House Envy
Spring Bird Table Runner from Marks & Spencer
Prindl Celadon Thumb Cup from Canton Tea Co
Granada Juice Glass and Bronze Age Cutlery both from Anthropologie

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Copper & Teal

Copper & Teal is such a fabulous combination.

The blue-green colour of teal naturally zings when paired with orange-red tones of copper.

If you're up on your colour theory it makes perfect sense - green and red are complimentary colours (they sit opposite each other on the colour wheel) as are orange and blue, so when place side by side they enhance each other.....but maybe this is a whole different blog post for the future!

Back to copper & teal!
Its a versatile mix - it can be dressed up in a sumptuous, decadent stately fashion or pared right down with lots of raw materials - think exposed brick for example- as a nod to industrial chic, or it can sit quite confidently anywhere between the two.

For todays inspiration board Ive aimed for a bit of an eclectic mix. 

Ive teamed distressed style paisley papers with rich, dark paint colours. Using the muted paint palette in this instance serves to anchor the scheme with an air of refinement but it could work equally well with lighter, airy paint colours too depending on the atmosphere you want to achieve.

Ive mixed it all up with beautiful velvets and button down upholstery flanked by minimalist side tables. Simple, angular light fittings (this one is copper and leather - what a twosome!) and faceted glass candle holders. However the pièce de résistance has to be the copper drinks trolley for when you're finally ready to sink into that sofa & enjoy.

Sources & Links (clockwise from top left)

Mervyn Console Table from Barker & Stonehouse
Dinner Candles from Rockett St George
Mahogany & Brassica paint colours from Farrow & Ball
Wilder Pendant Light by Endon from Castlegate Lighting
Biba Feather Foil Cushion from House of Fraser
Mirrored Copper Side Tables from The French Bedroom Co.
Enya Relaxing Chair from Graham and Green
Shoreditch Drinks Trolley from Rockett St George
Mid Century Planter from West Elm

As always please get in touch and let me know what you think - if youve any subject requests or questions let me know!

Also, if you happen to buy anything Ive suggested Id love to hear your feedback on it and maybe even send me a pic so I can see it in situ!

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Kids, Kids Kids!

Step away from the perfectly neutral, muted tones that we see touted for kids rooms and nurseries and back off from the 'girly pastel pink', the 'baby boy blue' or the 'yikes-we-still-dont-know pale yellow' and lets inject some zest into our kids rooms!

I know theres a theory that keeping the decor all serene will help induce sleep and instil a sense of calm, but to be honest, once its time to sleep and the lights are down its all the same anyway, isnt it?

Get a funky wallpaper, keep the remaining walls crisp then accessorise with all things bright & quirky. The beauty of a room like this, aside from the fact its NOT necessarily gender specific, is that it can grow with your kids with minimal effort and there's no need to completely redecorate and replace everything everytime they outgrow the current favourite character or trend.

So, todays board has been pulled together for a kids room with a bit of personality..........

Sources are as follows (clockwise from Balloon Lights top left)

Memory Balloon Ceiling Lights by John Moncrieff available from NOTHS 
Bean Shaped Pouff from Fairchild Designs on Etsy
Baa Baa Book Shelf from Rowen & Wren

Friday, 19 February 2016

Pantone Colour Of The Year

What is the Pantone Colour of the Year all about? Well, according to Pantone, its a symbolic color selection; a color snapshot of what we see taking place in our culture that serves as an expression of a mood and an attitude.

2016: Rose Quartz & Serenity

Its been said that Pantone have stepped away from the norm by choosing 2 colours for this year - when in fact they've just been a bit clever and chosen the blending of 2 colours to be THE colour of the year. Nice one Pantone!

So, what do you think?
I think theyre pretty spot on. Ive noticed a big shift in society towards a more gentle and holistic way of living - people looking within for peace and happiness rather than searching for it externally.
The blend reminds me of those early morning sunrises you sometimes get in late spring - a moment of grounding at the start of a fresh new day, when everything is calm and the warmth of the sun gently fuses into the airiness of the sky.

Ive always been fascinated by the psychology of colour. I utilise it a lot in my work, especially commercial projects, but more on that another time!

Ive used Rose Quartz as the base for this latest mood board and worked in Serenity as subtle accent and grounding 'shadow' tones. What better place to start instilling peace and tranquility than in your bedroom.....

Ahhhh, Im feeling better already..........................!
As always I love to hear your thoughts, feedback, questions, requests. Please do get in touch!

Sources are as follows (clockwise starting from the Feather Pendant)

Aurora Feather Pendant from Graham & Green
Olivia Mirror from Laura Ashley
Quatrefoil Side Table from The French Bedroom Company
Vida Bedding from Star by Julien McDonald at Debenhams
Eglomise (Blush 110621) Wallpaper by Harlequin (available from many wallpaper suppliers)
Loire Bed from Feather & Black
Almeda Mirrored Chest from The French Bedroom Company
Fresh flowers - how about an informal armful of pale blue hydrangea, delicate pink ranunculus & garden roses displayed in a vintage cut glass vase - all available from your most favourite local florists

Friday, 5 February 2016

Love Is In The Air......

I figured I ought to acknowledge the upcoming day of slush and/or nonsense. It seems to be a bit like Marmite - you either love it or hate it - but wherever you stand, you definitely can't avoid it!

I personally don't really buy into Valentines Day - so I thought Id gather some less obvious bits and pieces together to please both the lovers and the haters out there.


Lets cut to the chase - forget the bling - buy me a beautiful chair and Im yours!
(It may become apparent, as my blog progresses, that Ive got a bit of a thing for chairs) 

This stunning Vitra Heart Cone Chair from Heals is a Verner Panton design. Panton, unsurprisingly, was also the designer of the unmistakable and instantly recognisable ‘Panton Chair’ in 1963 – the worlds first chair to be manufactured from one single piece of plastic - google it for your very own 'ahhh so THATS a Panton Chair' moment! 

The little heart shaped chair above the Heart Cone Chair is the Moroso Soft Heart Chair by Ron Arad and available from Nest. You actually sit inside the heart! So sweet, with an equally sweet price tag… ahem!

Anyway, now you're sitting comfortably, lets talk about commitment. No pressure.......

So, when I say commitment I'm thinking......long term... like actually permanent *omg*

Does it get more permanent than a tattoo?? I think not!
So, if you're really serious about this years Valentine how about this Tattooed Ceramic Hand from Rockett St George to declare your true lurrrve OR…… if you truly love cake (or someone called Cake?) then these Tattooed Oven Mitts were actually made for you! They even do a hairy handed version should that be more apt - love is in the errr, umm.. hair after all! They're both available from the wonderful shop inside the Baltic Art Gallery in Gateshead (keeping it local peeps!)

Should you happen to still be in the Baltic, but you prefer to go down a more technically factual valentines route, then perhaps you could offer your true love your heart on this Trinket Tray as an alternative instead?

So when you dont actually fit the norm, exactly how do you convey how you feel about that on/off best friend with benefits or the ex you totally want to blast into space but has such a great bod you just cant shake off? Well thanks to all the amazing graphic designers and illustrators of Ohh Deer you can be sure to find exactly the right card for your special/not-so-special someone (delete as applicable) Get a card that literally takes the words right out of your frustrated head!

I very nearly skipped by this Love Cushion from M&S until I realised it has LED lights in it! Team it up in a cosy boudoir with plenty of candles – then get those fires burning  with a long stemmed pink matches from Graham & Green – they come in a beautiful little glass jar with a heart printed letterpress gift tag. Im a sucker for packaging so Im sold. Im evidently a cheap Valentine date too..... providing you already bought me the chair that is!

Moving on, believe it or not there are people out there that actually love buttons. It’s a thing.
So, if you happen to know one of these people then these vintage inspired East of India Little Heart Buttons from John Lewis are going to go down a treat. If you actually are a button lover then treat yourself anyway!

And of course, some people just want to go all out on Valentines Day and why not?
So if champagne is on the menu then you MUST up the style wattage by serving it in these fab-u-lous LSA LuLu Champagne Glasses from Houseology. A set of 4 and each one is different - because who wants to be the same?? It just ramps up their appeal in my book. 

To finish, regardless of your personal relationships and regardless of the date and regardless of the expectations that society puts on all of us in general, theres one thing Id like you all to remember and that is:-

Be Kind To Yourself


(If necessary get yourself a little reminder with this Be Kind To Yourself from Bodie & Fou)

Monday, 1 February 2016

Grey & Gold

It might be cold and wet and windy out there, but lets take those moody grey skies indoors where its nice and warm.

The calm and sometimes industrial tones of the lighter greys of the spectrum will always be elevated to a more sophisticated level when teamed with a beautiful shimmery gold. So that’s just what I've done. Then I've teamed this up with some geometrics as a nod to the current Skandi trend and mixed it up with plenty of materials and textures.

So, come in and kick off your winter boots. Get comfy on a retro styled Barbican sofa from John Lewis, in slate grey with warm timber feet. Then snuggle in with multi textured throws and this luxurious sequin spattered Benni cushion from Rockett St George.

Ive had my eye on this Sumi wallpaper by Harlequin for a couple of months now. They do several colour variations, but this one is just the perfect backdrop in this instance.

There would be no better way to banish the gloom than with this Tuli Cluster Pendant from It would look fab hung low over a dining table or as a feature over a side table. The shades are made from fabric, but the visual texture and that lovely sharp folded detail gives them a look of concrete or stone don’t you think?

Then, just for good measure (because you can have too much incidental lighting!) I just had to include this Wood & Porcelain Table light from Cox & Cox. The oak frame is lovely, but the shade and base are made of porcelain. Have you ever seen light shine through porcelain? It looks amazing!

Somewhere to pop your obligatory hot chocolate is a must, so Ive picked out this Roar + Rabbit Rhombus Layered Side Table (available from West Elm) I love the shape and simplicity of it, but the mix of materials is just perfect – hammered antique brass & solid marble on top of mango wood.  

Additional touches for the room, to echo the faceted details of the pendants and table, are these Glazed Geometric Vases from Rockett St George. Ideal as display on their own, or maybe dressed with some simple greenery to remind us that spring is on the horizon.

Finally, a mirror is always a great way to flash a bit extra sparkle around a room. This Rays of Sunshine mirror from M&S has the perfect name and would make the perfect finishing touch to our Grey & Gold February

Phew! So thats my first proper post done & dusted!
Do you love it or hate it? Let me know what you think!

Sunday, 31 January 2016


Welcome to this brand spanking new blog!

Im Nikki, an Interior Architect & Designer based in the North East UK and I run my own small practise designing domestic and commercial interiors.

Each month Ill be pulling together a design scheme based on things I've found relating to interiors and lifestyle. Every month will be different. Ill be including details of where individual things can be bought, suggestions of how to style them and ways to incorporate them into your own life.

In between, Ill be posting articles covering all manner of topics related to interiors, both domestic and commercial. So whether you’re a style conscious home owner or a business looking to attract more of the right people, I hope to provide you with some inspiration and tips to make your interiors work for you.

Please feel free to get in touch with feedback, requests, suggestions or even just to say hi!