Wednesday, 23 March 2016

A Design For Life

As a Designer, sometimes inspiration just strikes and you cant help but run with it - todays board materialised from one of those moments!
I accidentally stumbled across the image of the beautiful sideboard I've featured whilst looking for something totally different. I pinned it instantly - knowing full well it was exactly the right partner for the equally epic West Elm sofa Id already earmarked a couple of weeks ago. With two strong pieces decided, the rest of the design just fell into place.
I'm aware that quite often anything related to 'interior design' tends to err towards the female of the species but, from both personal and professional experience, I know that blokes do have an opinion on it and the ones that go down that professional route are generally red hot at it! So here's one with the guys in mind,  A Design For Life.
Design for Life
I've used a few industrial touches to balance out the slick lines of the furniture. The saw-burnt reclaimed timber flooring, the distressed leather of the punch bag and the rough surface of the concrete planter give balance to the overall effect.
Often we think a look is determined via a 'colour scheme' but in this instance the design is held together through the repetitive use of 3 main materials - timber, leather and concrete.
Choose some statement art work that reflects your own taste and yes, despite being the nemesis of many a man, I actually went and added cushions.
They are Star Wars graphics though so I think I might just get away with it!
Sources & links (clockwise from top left)
Concrete & Brass Lamp from Graham & Green
Double Trouble Canvas by Bitten London
Round Hanging Mirror from John Lewis
ES Sideboard by AFID Design
Brooklyn Leather Sofa from West Elm
Jake Tripod Table from Johnny Moustache
Concrete Planter from Whosit & Whatsit
Reclaimed Oak Flooring from Trunk Reclaimed
Timothy Oulton Punch Bag from Barker & Stonehouse
Star Wars Cushions from Whosit & Whatsit
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