Friday, 5 February 2016

Love Is In The Air......

I figured I ought to acknowledge the upcoming day of slush and/or nonsense. It seems to be a bit like Marmite - you either love it or hate it - but wherever you stand, you definitely can't avoid it!

I personally don't really buy into Valentines Day - so I thought Id gather some less obvious bits and pieces together to please both the lovers and the haters out there.


Lets cut to the chase - forget the bling - buy me a beautiful chair and Im yours!
(It may become apparent, as my blog progresses, that Ive got a bit of a thing for chairs) 

This stunning Vitra Heart Cone Chair from Heals is a Verner Panton design. Panton, unsurprisingly, was also the designer of the unmistakable and instantly recognisable ‘Panton Chair’ in 1963 – the worlds first chair to be manufactured from one single piece of plastic - google it for your very own 'ahhh so THATS a Panton Chair' moment! 

The little heart shaped chair above the Heart Cone Chair is the Moroso Soft Heart Chair by Ron Arad and available from Nest. You actually sit inside the heart! So sweet, with an equally sweet price tag… ahem!

Anyway, now you're sitting comfortably, lets talk about commitment. No pressure.......

So, when I say commitment I'm thinking......long term... like actually permanent *omg*

Does it get more permanent than a tattoo?? I think not!
So, if you're really serious about this years Valentine how about this Tattooed Ceramic Hand from Rockett St George to declare your true lurrrve OR…… if you truly love cake (or someone called Cake?) then these Tattooed Oven Mitts were actually made for you! They even do a hairy handed version should that be more apt - love is in the errr, umm.. hair after all! They're both available from the wonderful shop inside the Baltic Art Gallery in Gateshead (keeping it local peeps!)

Should you happen to still be in the Baltic, but you prefer to go down a more technically factual valentines route, then perhaps you could offer your true love your heart on this Trinket Tray as an alternative instead?

So when you dont actually fit the norm, exactly how do you convey how you feel about that on/off best friend with benefits or the ex you totally want to blast into space but has such a great bod you just cant shake off? Well thanks to all the amazing graphic designers and illustrators of Ohh Deer you can be sure to find exactly the right card for your special/not-so-special someone (delete as applicable) Get a card that literally takes the words right out of your frustrated head!

I very nearly skipped by this Love Cushion from M&S until I realised it has LED lights in it! Team it up in a cosy boudoir with plenty of candles – then get those fires burning  with a long stemmed pink matches from Graham & Green – they come in a beautiful little glass jar with a heart printed letterpress gift tag. Im a sucker for packaging so Im sold. Im evidently a cheap Valentine date too..... providing you already bought me the chair that is!

Moving on, believe it or not there are people out there that actually love buttons. It’s a thing.
So, if you happen to know one of these people then these vintage inspired East of India Little Heart Buttons from John Lewis are going to go down a treat. If you actually are a button lover then treat yourself anyway!

And of course, some people just want to go all out on Valentines Day and why not?
So if champagne is on the menu then you MUST up the style wattage by serving it in these fab-u-lous LSA LuLu Champagne Glasses from Houseology. A set of 4 and each one is different - because who wants to be the same?? It just ramps up their appeal in my book. 

To finish, regardless of your personal relationships and regardless of the date and regardless of the expectations that society puts on all of us in general, theres one thing Id like you all to remember and that is:-

Be Kind To Yourself


(If necessary get yourself a little reminder with this Be Kind To Yourself from Bodie & Fou)

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