Thursday, 10 March 2016

Copper & Teal

Copper & Teal is such a fabulous combination.

The blue-green colour of teal naturally zings when paired with orange-red tones of copper.

If you're up on your colour theory it makes perfect sense - green and red are complimentary colours (they sit opposite each other on the colour wheel) as are orange and blue, so when place side by side they enhance each other.....but maybe this is a whole different blog post for the future!

Back to copper & teal!
Its a versatile mix - it can be dressed up in a sumptuous, decadent stately fashion or pared right down with lots of raw materials - think exposed brick for example- as a nod to industrial chic, or it can sit quite confidently anywhere between the two.

For todays inspiration board Ive aimed for a bit of an eclectic mix. 

Ive teamed distressed style paisley papers with rich, dark paint colours. Using the muted paint palette in this instance serves to anchor the scheme with an air of refinement but it could work equally well with lighter, airy paint colours too depending on the atmosphere you want to achieve.

Ive mixed it all up with beautiful velvets and button down upholstery flanked by minimalist side tables. Simple, angular light fittings (this one is copper and leather - what a twosome!) and faceted glass candle holders. However the pièce de résistance has to be the copper drinks trolley for when you're finally ready to sink into that sofa & enjoy.

Sources & Links (clockwise from top left)

Mervyn Console Table from Barker & Stonehouse
Dinner Candles from Rockett St George
Mahogany & Brassica paint colours from Farrow & Ball
Wilder Pendant Light by Endon from Castlegate Lighting
Biba Feather Foil Cushion from House of Fraser
Mirrored Copper Side Tables from The French Bedroom Co.
Enya Relaxing Chair from Graham and Green
Shoreditch Drinks Trolley from Rockett St George
Mid Century Planter from West Elm

As always please get in touch and let me know what you think - if youve any subject requests or questions let me know!

Also, if you happen to buy anything Ive suggested Id love to hear your feedback on it and maybe even send me a pic so I can see it in situ!

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