Thursday, 3 March 2016

Kids, Kids Kids!

Step away from the perfectly neutral, muted tones that we see touted for kids rooms and nurseries and back off from the 'girly pastel pink', the 'baby boy blue' or the 'yikes-we-still-dont-know pale yellow' and lets inject some zest into our kids rooms!

I know theres a theory that keeping the decor all serene will help induce sleep and instil a sense of calm, but to be honest, once its time to sleep and the lights are down its all the same anyway, isnt it?

Get a funky wallpaper, keep the remaining walls crisp then accessorise with all things bright & quirky. The beauty of a room like this, aside from the fact its NOT necessarily gender specific, is that it can grow with your kids with minimal effort and there's no need to completely redecorate and replace everything everytime they outgrow the current favourite character or trend.

So, todays board has been pulled together for a kids room with a bit of personality..........

Sources are as follows (clockwise from Balloon Lights top left)

Memory Balloon Ceiling Lights by John Moncrieff available from NOTHS 
Bean Shaped Pouff from Fairchild Designs on Etsy
Baa Baa Book Shelf from Rowen & Wren

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