Sunday, 17 April 2016

Bloody Marbleous!

Marble was one of last years predicted trends but it seems to have been a slow burner that's only just coming into its own again right about now.

Marble has been coveted as a precious material for many thousands of years - the Taj Mahal, Michaelangelo's 'David' and our own Marble Arch are just a few recognisable historical marble masterpieces.

Marble is synonymous with affluence and high living. Installing marble floors or worktops in your home or business would never be inexpensive, however it is absolutely a worthwhile investment. There are few materials that can offer elegance, texture, durability and pattern all in one package but marble is definitely top of that list!

If youre liking the marble thing, but not sure how to incorporate it into your home, remember you dont have to go down the obvious route of kitchen or bathroom hard surfaces. Theres an ocean of smaller furnishings, fittings (you can even get marble radiators!) and marble inspired accessories available at the moment, that illustrate the beautiful versatility of this fabulous stone.

I've mined the internet and brought together a selection for you for todays inspiration board and if I do say so myself - its Bloody Marbleous!

Sources (clockwise from top left)
Marble Print Duvet Set from Ted Baker
Marble Base Desk Lamp from Cinnamon Bay Interiors
Marble and Copper Pouch from Renna Deluxe
Hello You Postcard from Paperchase
Marbled Pillar Candles from Nordic House
Mohair Throw from Heals
Marble Sphere Votive from French Connection
Marble Look Plates from Rose & Grey

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