Sunday, 10 April 2016

Club Tropicana

Theres a definite hint of pineapple throughout the world of interiors at the moment, have you noticed? 

John Lewis have these stylish, on trend, metallic pineapple pots, Barneby Gates have this brilliant Pineapple wallpaper - the pink is lively and fun but they also do a dark colourway  that would look amazing in an eclectically dressed dining room. Then we have Graham & Green stocking this fabuous Golden Pineapple table and just about every other store you look at has a pineapple stashed on a shelf or two somewhere this season!

So todays inspiration board is pushing the pineapples and welcoming in a bit of tropical sunshine.... say hello to Club Tropicana! 

Bright colours & punchy patterns can be intimidating - but if you keep the base clean and crisp, like this white sideboard with colonial style doors, then you can throw colours around and have loads of fun!

Sources (Clockwise from top left)
Pina Lampshade by Rosa & Clara Designs
Toucan Print from Lila + Lola
Cactus Vase from Howkapow
Flamingo Tealight Holder from Home by Matthew Williamson Designer
Tropical Pineapple Garland by Postbox Party
Barbade Sideboard from Maisons Du Monde
Flamingo Hooks from Rigby & Mac
Dekale Side Table from Maisons Du Monde

As always, please leave any comments below. Feedback, questions, requests - everything always welcome!

And finally, if you've have had a certain tune in your head the entire time you've been reading this and actually landed here hoping for some 80's hotties - this one is for you..... Haha! 
You're welcome! Xx


  1. Gorgeous as usual! LOVE the flamingo hooks. Im thinking they might funk up my bathroom!

    1. Good call!
      I was thinking about the flamingo tealight holders as a summer garden table decoration...