Friday, 23 September 2016

Sea Shanties

Yep - thats a trio of beautiful beaches you see below (All British beaches too Ill have you know!) And yes, I am aware it is late September now, but bear with me for this blog post!

Despite the fabulous weather we've had recently, everywhere I turn there's people willingly giving up on Summer. Practically pushing it out the door, shoving it out of the way to make room for chestnuts, woolly sweaters and pumpkins! There are Facebook memes all over my news feed about falling leaves and winter boots! And, most upsetting of all- there's actual Christmas stuff in my local Tesco already - whats that all about?!

We had a wonderful extended family holiday this year that saw us bouncing around the French & Cornish coastlines. Friends, BBQs, sunshine, balmy sunsets, surfing, rockpooling, icecreams, fresh air, salty skin and of course sand in absolutely everything.....haha! It was perfect, so I am more than prepared to drain the very last dregs of it while I can - I'm not ready to let my flip flop tan fade under thick socks just yet!

So, inspired by Summer 2016, heres todays mood board....

Sources & Links (clockwise from top left)
Originals Nest of Tables by Ercol    
Brass Box Candle Holder from The Decorators Notebook
Blue Moon Light by the Light Shack
Prussian Rug from Bluebellgray
Weathered Wood Frames from West Elm
Hand scraped oak flooring
Vintage Pepsi Boxes from Loop The Loop
Vintage Yellow Basket from Winters Moon
Momo Sofa from Habitat

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