Wednesday, 23 March 2016

A Design For Life

As a Designer, sometimes inspiration just strikes and you cant help but run with it - todays board materialised from one of those moments!
I accidentally stumbled across the image of the beautiful sideboard I've featured whilst looking for something totally different. I pinned it instantly - knowing full well it was exactly the right partner for the equally epic West Elm sofa Id already earmarked a couple of weeks ago. With two strong pieces decided, the rest of the design just fell into place.
I'm aware that quite often anything related to 'interior design' tends to err towards the female of the species but, from both personal and professional experience, I know that blokes do have an opinion on it and the ones that go down that professional route are generally red hot at it! So here's one with the guys in mind,  A Design For Life.
Design for Life
I've used a few industrial touches to balance out the slick lines of the furniture. The saw-burnt reclaimed timber flooring, the distressed leather of the punch bag and the rough surface of the concrete planter give balance to the overall effect.
Often we think a look is determined via a 'colour scheme' but in this instance the design is held together through the repetitive use of 3 main materials - timber, leather and concrete.
Choose some statement art work that reflects your own taste and yes, despite being the nemesis of many a man, I actually went and added cushions.
They are Star Wars graphics though so I think I might just get away with it!
Sources & links (clockwise from top left)
Concrete & Brass Lamp from Graham & Green
Double Trouble Canvas by Bitten London
Round Hanging Mirror from John Lewis
ES Sideboard by AFID Design
Brooklyn Leather Sofa from West Elm
Jake Tripod Table from Johnny Moustache
Concrete Planter from Whosit & Whatsit
Reclaimed Oak Flooring from Trunk Reclaimed
Timothy Oulton Punch Bag from Barker & Stonehouse
Star Wars Cushions from Whosit & Whatsit
Drop me a line or leave me a comment and let me know what you think!

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Spring Dining

Mid March & finally the weather seems to be on the turn!
I live in the North East of England - not too far from the coast - so when the wintery wind gusts off the cold North Sea it has such a bite to it, but this weekend that edge was definitely missing and the sun was trying so hard to warm things up.

It got me thinking of fresh, clean & beautiful but low key interiors and I unearthed a whole pile of amazing pieces that I narrowed down to this one board dedicated to Spring Dining.

Its important to light your dining table well - and while a large statement fitting can be ideal in some circumstances, sometimes you can achieve an equally perfect effect by hanging several smaller pendants (I always choose an odd number) over a table. I was really taken with these wooden pendants - there's a few different shapes and combos available I chose these as they mirror the white legs/ timber top of the dining table perfectly though.

Chairs, I dont mind mixing it up with chairs - the Ercol bench is always going to be fab, but Im itching to try out these crisp John Vogel chairs!

Mouth blown glass and hand thrown teacups; embroidered runners & textured fish scale ceramics - by focusing on various natural materials and incorporating organic textures and patterns we can invite the outside in, even when its still a tad too chilly for proper al fresco meals.
Ive kept it simple, using a neutral colour palette but freshened it up with accent spots of natural greens and blues.

Are you feeling that spring in your step yet?!

Sources & Links (clockwise from top left)

Sinatra Dinnerware from Habitat
Reykjavik White & Wood Pendant from Horsefall & Wright
Carla Teapot from The Scandinavian Design Centre
John Vogel Chair from West Elm
Scales Vase from House Envy
Spring Bird Table Runner from Marks & Spencer
Prindl Celadon Thumb Cup from Canton Tea Co
Granada Juice Glass and Bronze Age Cutlery both from Anthropologie

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Copper & Teal

Copper & Teal is such a fabulous combination.

The blue-green colour of teal naturally zings when paired with orange-red tones of copper.

If you're up on your colour theory it makes perfect sense - green and red are complimentary colours (they sit opposite each other on the colour wheel) as are orange and blue, so when place side by side they enhance each other.....but maybe this is a whole different blog post for the future!

Back to copper & teal!
Its a versatile mix - it can be dressed up in a sumptuous, decadent stately fashion or pared right down with lots of raw materials - think exposed brick for example- as a nod to industrial chic, or it can sit quite confidently anywhere between the two.

For todays inspiration board Ive aimed for a bit of an eclectic mix. 

Ive teamed distressed style paisley papers with rich, dark paint colours. Using the muted paint palette in this instance serves to anchor the scheme with an air of refinement but it could work equally well with lighter, airy paint colours too depending on the atmosphere you want to achieve.

Ive mixed it all up with beautiful velvets and button down upholstery flanked by minimalist side tables. Simple, angular light fittings (this one is copper and leather - what a twosome!) and faceted glass candle holders. However the pièce de résistance has to be the copper drinks trolley for when you're finally ready to sink into that sofa & enjoy.

Sources & Links (clockwise from top left)

Mervyn Console Table from Barker & Stonehouse
Dinner Candles from Rockett St George
Mahogany & Brassica paint colours from Farrow & Ball
Wilder Pendant Light by Endon from Castlegate Lighting
Biba Feather Foil Cushion from House of Fraser
Mirrored Copper Side Tables from The French Bedroom Co.
Enya Relaxing Chair from Graham and Green
Shoreditch Drinks Trolley from Rockett St George
Mid Century Planter from West Elm

As always please get in touch and let me know what you think - if youve any subject requests or questions let me know!

Also, if you happen to buy anything Ive suggested Id love to hear your feedback on it and maybe even send me a pic so I can see it in situ!

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Kids, Kids Kids!

Step away from the perfectly neutral, muted tones that we see touted for kids rooms and nurseries and back off from the 'girly pastel pink', the 'baby boy blue' or the 'yikes-we-still-dont-know pale yellow' and lets inject some zest into our kids rooms!

I know theres a theory that keeping the decor all serene will help induce sleep and instil a sense of calm, but to be honest, once its time to sleep and the lights are down its all the same anyway, isnt it?

Get a funky wallpaper, keep the remaining walls crisp then accessorise with all things bright & quirky. The beauty of a room like this, aside from the fact its NOT necessarily gender specific, is that it can grow with your kids with minimal effort and there's no need to completely redecorate and replace everything everytime they outgrow the current favourite character or trend.

So, todays board has been pulled together for a kids room with a bit of personality..........

Sources are as follows (clockwise from Balloon Lights top left)

Memory Balloon Ceiling Lights by John Moncrieff available from NOTHS 
Bean Shaped Pouff from Fairchild Designs on Etsy
Baa Baa Book Shelf from Rowen & Wren